Project 30/30 Days 26-30. A dream come true.

December 14, 2013  •  1 Comment

It seems like I started this project a long time ago and yet it went by so quickly. Project 30/30 was amazing, it was a challenge, it was in the paper, it made me new friends, but most importantly- it kept me outside of myself. I hope it has inspired you to pay it forward because you never know the far reaching effects it will have, and that's the greatest thing. You really reap what you sow, sometimes exactly! For example, one of my first acts was to pass out gift cards to people in line at Starbucks. I spent $50 on 5 $10 cards because I wanted it to be worth it for the person receiving it. They could actually use it more than once. Well, for my birthday I got two $25 Starbucks cards from two separate people. It's a very black and white example of how things come full circle, but it really made me laugh when I basically got my money back.

There are so many people in need and so many ways to give. Don't just think about the homeless guy on the corner, of course he's in need, but so are people close to you- just in different ways. It's amazing to think of how far sphere of influence can reach. Go do something selfless today.


Project 30/30 days 26-30. The beginning of a new journey.


Day 26: Laundry detergent and some cash for the next customer.

There are not nearly as many laundromats here in Charleston as there are in NYC, not even close, so I had to dig a little to find this one. It was pretty dated and I'm sure the lady thought I was crazy when I walked in, put these things on the counter, then drove away. I wonder who found it:)


Day 27: Bath salts for a hard working mama.

My next door neighbor has 3 kids (including a new baby) and probably no time for a bath, but I thought a little encouraging would help. Baths are a gift, especially for moms.


Day 28: Home made organic Ribollita for the neighbors.

I saw this amazing recipe on the Food Network and wanted to try it. Of course I made enough for an army and was dying to share some. As luck would have it our neighbors were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday and coming home soon. They were pretty happy to have a nice meal waiting for them. Here is the recipe: I definitely did NOT soak beans overnight and I did not add the bread at the end. Too squishy. 


Day 29: Little treats for two sweet little girls on our block. 

Gosh my neighbors cashed in on this project! Haha:) We have two of the cutest little girls on our street and Liam has already claimed one as his girlfriend. I thought this was a cute holiday gift.



Day 30: Christmas in a jar.

This was one of my favorite gifts! I sliced orange, lemon, and apple, then added some cloves and cinnamon sticks to a mason jar. You put all these ingredients together in a pot of water and simmer on the stove. It fills your home with an amazing holiday scent. 


My birthday present: The Joy Project

At the beginning of this project I was interviewed by someone at the local paper about the launching of this year long idea to nominate a member of the community for their philanthropy. They are calling it The Joy Project. Every month a person will win money for a charity of their choice and they kicked it off with my Project 30/30! I was beaming when I saw the huge article exactly on my birthday. It was the greatest feeling in the world and a perfect way to close out the project.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. Start your own:)


Here is a link to the article:



Hi! I found your blog through a comment on I saw your 30/30 project and just want to say how neat it is that you found little ways to show love every day. Keep it up! (And I adore your photos too. :)
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